Otivia Project Timeline

How does a standard project timeline looks like?

At Otivia we take our and your work very seriously. This is why we try to give you an accurate estimation of development timeline so you can plan your business accordingly. Timeline of the project is based on its complexity. Development can take from few weeks to several years to complete. Here is our approach to software development based on our experience.

  • Project Planning 1-2 Weeks
  • Prototype/MVP 1-4 weeks
  • Development 1-12 Months
  • Quality Assurance 1 week - 3 Months
  • Finalizing 1-4 weeks
* Note: we can work only on part of your project. Contact us for more information

Detailed timeline

  • 1-2 weeks

    Project Planning & Setup

    This is when we get in touch, when we sign NDA and when we define the scope of the project. At the end of planning we should have defined functionality of the app with corresponding tasks. Our team will discuss the tasks and try to estimate how long each would take. At this point we should have general idea about length of development. Though the length is only approximation at best at this point.

  • 1-4 weeks


    Part of software development is a prototype phase, where we try to build a prototype as quick as possible. It helps us better understand technical complexity as well as your business needs. Designer will work on mockups and sketches at this point. Updating you with our progress and potential questions that will help us better understand your product.

  • 1-4 weeks

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Sometimes project that you need done is pretty straightforward. This is usually true for common type of applications - such as store websites, presentational websites, blogs… In these cases we skip the prototype and we focus on building MVP. The difference is that when building MVP we usually understand the technical complexity behind the software (compared to prototype) and we prefer to focus on getting something usable with minimum feature set out in the wild instead of first determining complexity of the project.

  • 1-12 months


    During development we work on your project using agile methodologies so we can keep you up to date at all times, meaning we release new versions often (every 2-4 weeks) so we can show you our work and listen to your feedback, this is iterative process where most changes happen. Designs of your app should be final at end of development.

  • 1 week - 3 Months

    Quality Assurance

    QA will help us get rid of bugs, unwanted functionality and general improvement of the product. Even though we will do some simple QA during development we think it’s not enough. Software is very fragile and we want our work to be as polished as possible. Usually QA takes around 20% of development time.

  • 1-4 weeks


    This is when we hand you the code of the product. We can help you publish apps to different app stores such as AppStore on iPhones or Play Store on Androids. We can also help you with deployment to different web service providers such as AWS or DigitalOcean - we would like to know this beforehand if possible.