Design, mobile and web development

We are a small team of web developers with expertise in web and app development, user interactions and design.

We can help you build your product.

What do we do?

Here are some of the skills our team members have that help us deliver highly polished products

Software Development

  • We can fully develop your website or mobile application.
  • We have years of experience with back and front end web development using JavaScript, NodeJS, React, SASS and other modern tooling for rapid development. On mobile we are using React Native for iOS and Android.

Visual Design

  • Designing is also one of our strong points
  • We can help you prepare your visual identity. From logo that will describe your activity to web page, that will make you stand out amongst the competition.

More about us & our process

  • Who are we?

    Small team of developers and designers. Lead developer/Product Manager is in London others work remotely with occasional meetings in London.

  • How do we estimate?

    After having a chat with you about the project scope, we will do an online meeting with our team to get an estimate as accurate as possible.

  • What do we charge?

    We charge flat daily rate and it completely depends on the work you need done. Contact us for more information.

  • When are we available for work?

    We are generally available and ready to start within a week of contacting us.

  • Do we work on site?

    We are happy to have one of the developers on site in London to ensure the best possible communication with our team.

  • Confidential information?

    We are happy to sign NDA to keep your information confidential.

Get in touch

Give us general idea about project. It will help us give you better estimation.

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